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CBD Crystal Isolate 99% - 5 Grams - 5000MG

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Product Details:

5 gram = 5000MG CBD Crystal,  product comes in a small plastic jar.

 Directions for Use: This product can be ingested many ways, really it all comes down to personal preference.  The most popular methods:

1) Melt the crystal into a small portion of your preferred oil,  you can do this by warming some oil in a small pan, melting the crystal into the oil and bottling.  Then use a glass dropper to ingest under the tongue - hold for 90 seconds then swallow.

2) Smoke the crystal using whatever method you wish.

3) Make your own vape oil (contact us for instructions)

4) Make your index finger slightly moist with your tongue,  dip your fingertip into the powder then try to use your lips and tongue to move the powder from your fingertip to the bottom of your tongue.  Let is sit there for 90 seconds,  then swallow. 

Just a few benefits of CBD Crystal Isolate

  • enhanced mood
  • pain relief 
  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce anxiety 
  • anti depressant
  • mood stabilization 

Best time of day to take CBD Oil

You should generally take CBD oil 2-3 times per day, on an empty stomach before meals. Although this can vary greatly depending on personal need.  Initially it may be best to take it before bed,  or after your workday to see how it effects you.

Our promise

  • We promise you're buying exactly what you see in the lab report
  • We promise to ship these products to you within 1-2 business days (shipping time is then 2-3 additional days)
  • We promise to provide updated lab reports for each and every batch