Why We Stopped Selling CBD Vape Oil

We have had tons of confused customers ask us why we stopped selling our CBD Vape Oil,  it wasn't an easy decision, we would like to apologize because we know we disappointed many long term clients. As a business owner, its hard to turn away sales that you rely on to make a living but it really just comes down to one thing - Chemicals.  The chemicals needed to make a CBD Vape Oil are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). 

TakeBackControlCBD was founded to help people get natural healing from a NATURAL source.  We do not feel its ethical to sell Vape Oil's to consumers who have grown to trust us without truly understanding the long term effects of vaping.  In our opinion, there is simply not enough known about the effects of these chemicals for us to truly feel comfortable facilitating in their consumption. 

Our CBD Hemp Oil Tincture and CBD Paste are natural, organic sources of quality Full Spectrum CBD products.  Our CBD Extracts for sale online have grown in popularity because we strive to offer people quality products for a price they can afford.  If you need an option which is THC free, our CBD Crystal Isolate is available with a wide range of uses and sizes.



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