Is CBD oil and hemp oil the same?

Shopping for CBD Oil online can be confusing, there is a lot of companies trying to earn your business, the distinction between CBD Oil produced from Hemp, CBD Oil produced from marijuana, and just plain Hemp oil can be a bit tricky.  First, it’s important to understand that premium CBD Oil can be produced from 2 different plants, marijuana or industrial hemp.  CBD oil extracts for sale online, as it’s known today,  and the legal CBD you find online,  is widely marketed as "legal in all 50 states"  This product in particular is often produced from Industrial Hemp,  because,  under the farm bill, it has to be. 



CBD Oil produced from marijuana generally has higher levels of THC, this type of oil is only legal in "marijuana legal" states.  So, here's where it gets confusing,  some companies sell oil produced from marijuana secretly, they have access to lots of dry flower, they extract the oil and this super strong oil is pawned off as CBD Oil produced from Industrial Hemp.  I experienced this first hand,  buying on Etsy many years back,  there were countless smaller companies on the west coast selling super potent "RSO oils" as CBD Oil.  Make sure to review the lab reports from your providers to ensure you can see exactly what levels of THC you're ingesting.



Now,  to answer the question at hand,  CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are not the same,  Hemp Oil can be purchased online, the supermarket or a health food store,  it’s an used for cooking,  health purposes and other reasons,  think of it like Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.  Traditional Hemp Oil is produced from the seeds of the plant. It has some medical benefits of course, like many other similar oil's, it has lots of healthy omegas and fats.   



CBD Oil is really a catch all phrase for the Full Spectrum Oil extracted from the entire plant itself.  And now, with the new farm bill passed into law, this premium CBD Oil, also known as Full Spectrum CBD oil, is finally legal in the United States.   




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