Choosing between CBD Crystal and Full Spectrum

Understanding CBD Crystal Isolate vs CBD Paste or Oils

Some things to consider before making the right choice for you or your loved ones:

We would like to make some points clear about our products so that you can make a more informed decision when choosing what's right for you, a lot of people see the high percentage of a Crystal and assume it’s better, you see 99.7% and you say to yourself, “hm...It’s got to be the best", Well, I don’t blame you.  But that’s not really the case, and here's why: 

Crystals are an isolate of CBD, meaning - it’s just pure Cannabidiol.  When you buy a Paste, or Oil, it has CBD, yes, but it has other important compounds which give it taste, smell, flavor,  but more important,  these compounds all work together to give you the true benefits of the plan the WAY NATURE INTENDED. 

The crystal by itself is CBD Isolated from the plant,  its essentially dried CBD,  but in the process of drying it,  we take away all the other necessary components needed to make CBD so amazing.

The full range of compounds found in Paste or Oils all work together,  they all play an important role in how these compounds effect the body,  The compounds found in Paste or Oil's which give it these characteristics are known as flavonoids, terpenes, and THC. 

These dark colored/cannabis smelling oils will always be far more effective than any CBD Crystal can be. When we decided to offer crystals, it was really geared more towards people who CANNOT consume THC, people with city jobs, or people who get tested for various reasons.  Crystals are also popular for Vape Oil manufacturers and Dabbers   because they're easy to dissolve or smoke... One other side note when shopping, when you see someone offering a CBD Oil that’s clear - you can be sure it’s just an Isolate product.

In conclusion:  If you can consume THC, Buy a Paste or Oil.  Yes - we are in business to sell product, but I want Our clients to be getting the most for their money, the most bang for their buck, and most importantly the most effective options to treat whatever they are hoping to treat.

 Check out our CBD Crystal here:


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