Confusion Between the Legalization of Hemp VS FDA

So, the battle continues, and we continue to be further confused by Federal Government.  The President of the United States passed the 2018 Farm Bill which made CBD Oil extracts produced from Hemp legal in the United States.  Yet, the FDA continues to support big pharma, claiming that we cannot sell these products because they're a "drug" due to the health claims that many suggest.   This legal battle being fought primarily by the Hemp Associations and some of the biggest CBD players in the world, is starting to become more and more complex and we get conflicting information and mixed signals on what to do.  Many continue to sell CBD without a care in the world.  We intend on following the law because we respect the law, but when the law and the guidance is contradictory, all we can do is wait for a sign or for someone else to rise up, maybe the right moment will present itself one day, or maybe it will take Federal legalization of all Cannabis (both Hemp and Marijuana) for the FDA to see that Cannabis products cannot be compared or put into the same category as man-made pharmaceutical drugs that have complicated trials and a need to prove their safe.  We all want safe drugs, but clearly this is more about lobbying and corporate greed than anything else.  So, it seems we have two battles to win, the legalization of cannabis, and then the battle vs big pharma who will want full control.  


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