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***Please read our product reviews, the words of our valued customers can give you some honest insight into how we operate and what’s important to us. ***

Lab reports posted for all products. 

Our CBD Hemp Oil Paste and CBD Hemp Oil Tincture have nearly double the CBD content of our competitors in similar price range.

Many companies do not provide lab reports, buyers BEWARE, you simply do not know what you're putting into your body. Our CBD Hemp Oil Paste and buy pure CBD oil Tincture have posted lab reports that are updated with each and every batch. This allows us to be 100% transparent with our clientele. We work hard to build long lasting relationships. Buy pure CBD oil online, as we have been in business several years with a proven track record of quality service, products and shipping times.

Moral Promise

1 )We promise you're buying exactly what you see in the lab report.

2) We promise to ship your items in a timely fashion.

3) We promise to provide updated lab reports for each and every batch

Shipping + Processing Times

Processing time is 1 business day,  We use USPS priority mail,  shipping from the east coast is usually 2-3 business days.

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The Truth

We are not motivated by money, we are not motivated by "things". First and foremost, we strive to help people get the healing they need.  We wish you love, peace, happiness and health.  

Quality for a Price You Can Afford

TakeBackControlCBD uses priopetarty techniques to bring out the best of our CBD Extracts for sale, controlling the temperature of the plant is important, allowing us to maintain the integrity of the natural compounds. Our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is mixed with organic olive oil which allows for a smooth finish, the healthy fats in olive oil also add a nice boost to the CBD Oil Tincture.  Our CBD Crystal Isolate is available in many different sizes ranging from 1-50 grams.  When you buy CBD Crystal Isolate, it’s important to review the lab work to ensure the Online CBD Crystal Isolate is of the highest potency. 

Our CBD Paste for sale is organic, made using the highest quality plants grown in the south of Europe.  Buying CBD Paste Online is a bit tricky because it seems that most companies are selling flavored and “watered down” products that have no real benefit.  We are a small, boutique operation specializing in just a few products which allows us to ensure the quality meets the standard to which we demand.

Buy CBD Paste today and improve your life.  There is a reason why this plant has been around since the dawn of civilizations as we know it.  Cannabis has been proven to be used in many tribal and ceremonial brews since the dawn of time.  CBD hemp extract for sale have become all the rave in recent months, with explosions into the news media and other outlets finally giving us the praise we deserve.  CBD Tinctures are a great way to start, the ease of use is a great way to introduce this product to family who may not be familiar or comfortable taking cannabis. 

Hemp has been used for thousands of years and has been known to be the first plant cultivated for textile fiber. In ancient Mesopotamia, archaeologists found a hemp cloth dating back to 8000 BC.  The Chinese used it to make paper, later, hemp become one of the most important crops of North America because of its varied uses. 

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Using CBD to Treat Anxiety

Using CBD to Treat Anxiety

Many of our clients use our CBD Hemp Oil Paste to treat anxiety,  this blog post sheds some light on how our founder used CBD to get back on track during a tough time. 

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CBD Hemp Oil Paste

Our CBD Paste is our most popular product because the quality is high and it’s priced very well. 

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TakeBackControlCBD specializes in the highest quality CBD Hemp Oil products.  TakeBackControl With us today.

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Check out our Blog here,  TakeBackControlCBD has years of experience and insight into the trade secrets of the CBD business,  get some honest opinions and give your feedback. 

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